Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Valentine's Day Post :)

Valentine's Day.  Some love it, some hate it. This year...I'm totally loving it!  I have no official boyfriend. I was in classes all day. I went to the gym and got all gross instead of getting dressed up for dinner.  I had dinner ALONE in my dorm room, for pitty sake! And now I'm eating a RingPop. Classy, right??

All my life, Valentine's Day has been a bit bitter/sweet.  Cute, buuuut...then again, how great can it be if you don't have a real get-you-flowers-and-call-you-beautiful Valentine? 

But. Today, as I looked around at all the couples holding hands, and a young man dressed up in a suit crossing the yard with a dozen red roses, and watched as half the campus escaped the ROT (our dining hall) and headed for a real restaurant, I realized something.  I just love love! :)  Love, as God designed it, is just so pure and sweet and beautiful. How sad is it that we (I say "we" because I'm guilty of it, too) turn up our noses and look with disgust and/or dismay, jealousy filling our hearts, when we see a couple clearly possessing the love we wish we had. 

For those of you who aren't believers, I'm sure my pulling God into all my posts gets a little obnoxious...seems a little obsessive...and is definitely cheesy, cliche, and flat-out weird.  But I just can't help it! Cuz the love of God? No words could possibly describe it.  When you know Someone who's as unbelievable as He is, you just can't help it!  Besides, His love doesn't stop at me, and how selfish would I have to be to not to share Him?

Here's the account of how He brought a million smiles to my single self in the midst of a million and one love birds:
This morning, I awoke refreshed.  As I was getting ready, I turned on Pandora and was a little bummed when I kept getting worship songs (terrible, I know).  I was really in the mood for sappy love songs.  Until I reminded myself that the songs playing were about the greatest Love Story of all time.  I then listened with new appreciation for the message--the love songs--God was playing just for me.  Continuing on, I even felt reasonably cute in my outfit! (you girls know what a blessing that is :) ) I walked outside to find the sun shining on a warm February day.  A couple of weirdos whistled and waved at Carrie and me as they drove past us walking to class, which we graciously took as confirmation that others thought we looked alright, too, instead of as a threat or disrespect ;)  A ridiculously hard quiz got postponed so I can study more.  I felt great after going to the gym.  Then I promptly ate away all the hard work, but each calorie was from a Valentine's gift, reminding me that singles are loved, it's ok...? hehe :)  Theeeennnn--this is my favorite part!--after the post office was closed (of course) I learned that I have flowers waiting there for me!!!

So, needless to say, this single girl's day was preeettty stinkin' good.   Now, I know not every day goes like that.  I know sometimes we're cranky and feel like everything is going wrong. Those days stink.  But the great part is that the Giver of all these good things never changes.  He's great like that :) So, when you have a good day...chalk it up to Him. I dare you :) And when you have one of those bad days, remember this: God is faithful. Tomorrow will be better. :)

I have so much I could say, but unfortunately, home work calls even on the good days.  So you'll just have to wait to hear the rest.  For now, happy Valentine's Day! I hope  you know that you are terribly loved.  You are special and desirable.  This day wasn't made just for those with the perfect significant other who knows just what to say and do.  This day was made for every one, "For God so loved the world...."  This day. was made. for you.