Friday, February 24, 2012

The Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a boy born in small-town Indiana.  Although he was not an only child, he might as well have been, for his 2 siblings were nearly 20 years older than he.  He grew up a preacher's kid, spending as much time in the church as he did his own home. And yet, he was your stereo-typical boy in every way.  Hunting, trapping, playing baseball, flirting with girls, admiring cars he could never afford, working in hay fields and as a janitor in his high school, and getting into trouble were a few of his favorite pass-times. 

His name was Mickey Ken.

A few months later, a girl was born in Maryland, near Chesapeake Bay.  Her father was an insurance salesman.  She had one sister three years later, and we could say the two were best friends, even with their squabbles--mostly made of pushing each other around in the bathroom while getting ready for bed.  She grew up as a princess, her father the most gentle man in the world.  As she grew, her sweet spirit became more and more evident.  But she had a spunky side.  She never could resist running barefoot, playing backyard football, crabbing at her grandmother's dock, and making millions of goofy memories with her sister and their friends. 


Her name was Julie Lynn.

Their lives were different, no doubt.  But they had one very important thing in common.  As they grew, both we trained and led by the examples of their parents to seek and follow the Lord and His perfect will. 

So, they both ended up at Liberty University. 

We're told that she caught his eye while they were registering for classes, their very first day there.  Being his usual out-going self, he approached her, and being her usual kind, accepting self, she talked to him and flashed the smile she was so known for. 

                       She was a beauty,

                                                                                   And he was a stud. 

Now, everyone knows that a story beginning with "Once upon a time..." must end with a proposal and wedding bells.  This one is no different.  The in between was filled with notes written during class, long-distance phone calls, a few plane rides, and lots of tears while separated.  

After knowing each other for three years, the two got married and no doubt should have won an award for cutest couple!   

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Ken Murray...

However, this is merely the beginning of their story.  ...And the cute, drama-free version, but we'll spare you the ugly details. 

"The 'happily ever after'?" you ask.  Well, we'll get there.